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Photo Gallery
Earlier galleries were created with Picasa Web Albums and can be played as a slideshow. In 2016  Picasa was discontinued by Google and only their new "Google Photos" app is now available. The old Picasa Web Albums can still be viewed, but new ones cannot be added.
From the "General 2016" competition onwards, all galleries are now created with "Google Photos" which unfortunately does not have a slideshow player that can be embedded into other web-sites.
See below for how to view either type...

Please note that all images are the copyright of the photographer.
On the left you will see a list of galleries which consist of the following:-
  • Our joint exhibitions with the Royal Manor Workshop's Art Group;
  • Our entries for the Wessex Battle inter-club competition;
  • Club Competition results showing all available placed images.
How to view Google Photo galleries
Click on the gallery you wish to view and this page then contains a brief descriptive text plus a link to the gallery. Click the link which should display the whole gallery in a new tab and then click on the first image to display that one alone. If you hover the mouse to the left and right sides, arrows should appear which can then be clicked to go to the previous or next images, if possible, and the usual captions appear either at the bottom of, or underneath, each image - depending on your screen resolution. When finished viewing the current gallery, simply close the tab to go back to our web-site. Note that your browser may automatically switch to the new tab when it opens - depending on your settings - if not, then you will have to click the new tab to switch to it.

How to view the older Picasa Web Album galleries
To view these galleries, you will need a flash-player plug-in activated in your browser.
Simply click on the gallery you wish to view which will then play through its images once as a slideshow within your current browser tab. After the final image, a large "play" button should appear in the centre of the photo which can be clicked to replay the slideshow again.
Clicking on the photo itself will take you to the Picasa location of the album in a new browser tab and open it with a similar slideshow. Note that the "play" button sometimes opens the album in a new tab whilst restarting the slideshow in the original one for some unknown reason, so reloading the gallery page might be a nicer way of replaying the images.
If you end up going to the Picasa album location, there should be small arrows at the left and right edges to go to the next or previous images. At the bottom, there are "View All" and "Slideshow" buttons. The "View All" button, when clicked, should display all images in the album and let you click on the one you want to show.
In the top-right corner, click on the "x" to close the current slide-show which then takes you to the Picasa album you first chose. There should now be a button labelled "Albums" near the top which will take you to a view of all our different galleries which can then be selected and browsed.
Alternatively, close the new browser tab and go back to our gallery page.

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