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May Exhibition 2014

Our third joint exhibition with the Royal Manor Workshops Art Group was held at the St. Georges Centre, Easton, on Saturday 3rd May between 10am and 4pm.
On display were 43 paintings and 142 photographs in a variety of styles and of a wide range of subjects.
An additional 8 paintings and photographs were displayed together where the artists had each copied one or more chosen photographs in paint, with their own interpretations of them providing an interesting link between the two groups.
Refreshments were provided, a raffle was held and many items were offered for sale.
A lot of positive comments were received on the work of the artists and photographers with the linked images being popular.
The event was intended to promote both groups with an aim to attract possible new club members interested in either photography or painting.

Display stand contents:
P1   – Hayley Roberts (5) & Bill Munro (7)                                   P2   –
Vanessa Howard (5) & Hazel McKee (4)
P3   – Brian Green (10)                                                                P4   – Janet Harris (1) & Toni Codd (13)
P5   – Sara Harpley (5), Ken Deadman (7) & Janet Harris (5)     P6   – Chris Ford (2) & Sara Harpley (8)
P7   – Chris Ford (6) & Sara Harpley (2)                                      P8   – John Osborne (10) & Neil Summers (2)
P9   – Ali McGarva (10)                                                                P10 – Chris Hornby (6)
P11 – Chris Ford (11)                                                                    P12 – Richard Burns (8)
P13 – Richard Burns (9)                                                               P14 - Richard Burns (6)
AP1 - John Osborne (2) & Richard Burns (1)                              AP2 - John Osborne (1), Richard Burns (1) & Vanessa Howard (1)
AP3 - Ken Deadman (2)

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