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Summer Outings

Each year, between June and August, the club organises a number of "Summer Outing" events to various places in and around Dorset which offer photographic interest. The new club season will usually start with a competition for photos taken on these trips, and all such images used in any club competition during the season will earn a bonus point in our "Photographer Of The Year" contest.

There are normally 4 outings each summer of which two are held on a Wednesday afternoon and/or evening at a fairly local place. The other two are day trips, often to locations further afield, and are held on a Saturday or Sunday. The dates of these are chosen well in advance which allows members to make arrangements to attend them. The dates, locations and meet-times for each event are listed on the "Programme" page.

Members are encouraged to meet at the arranged time, but may arrive later if necessary as the events officially last until the end of the day, i.e. midnight. Any member arriving after the meet-time should make it known that they attended.

Everyone is free to either go around on their own or in small groups as they wish. Members may bring along family or guests and prospective new club members are also welcome to attend, but may need to telephone the club beforehand to get details of the meet-point.

Before each event, members will be emailed details of the location, time and meeting-place together with a link to a map. Additional useful information is also provided, as applicable, such as entry prices, parking charges and points of interest.

In the event of poor weather conditions, an event may need to be cancelled. If this is the case, each such event will be rescheduled once only to a date of exactly one week later if possible. Members will be kept informed by email prior to each outing, and messages posted on the "Home" page of this web-site. If an event is officially cancelled, images taken by anyone who still attended cannot be counted as "Summer Outing" images. Members who cannot check the web-site or their email just before an outing should ask to be telephoned in the event of a cancellation.

For Club Competition purposes, a "Summer Outing" image must have been taken during one of these events preceding the current club season of September to May. Thus, June to August 2017 Summer Outing photos can only count as "Summer Outing" images for competitions between September 2017 and May 2018. Images must additionally have either been taken at, or show, the location of the event and should have been taken from the official meet-time onwards. From the 2017-18 season, photos from any other club event or outing in the preceding season will receive the POTY bonus point also.

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