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Theme Definitions

The following definitions have been agreed by the Committee:-

Architecture - This should be an aesthetically pleasing image, accurately representing the exterior, interior or detail of a building or other suitable structure. Single or multiple subjects are acceptable.

Black & White - The entire image must be black, white or any shade of grey with no hint of colour whatsoever. Any borders added to projected images must be either black or white and prints should be on black, white or cream mounts only.

Club Events & Outings – This includes photos of any subject, provided they have been taken at any organised club event, trip or outing in the preceding season (1st Sep to 31st Aug), excluding any that are officially cancelled for whatever reason.

Creative - Images must show an obvious creative input from the photographer. This may be achieved in either the taking of the image or in editing it.

Dereliction / Decay - Images have to show something which has been left to fall into a state of abandonment, disrepair or decomposition. This implies subjects which have rusted, rotted or fallen apart over time rather than something which has simply been broken.

Flowers – This may include any photo of groups of flowers, single flowers or part of a flower including wild, cultivated or dried flowers.

Food & Drink – This may include any items of food and/or drink.

General - The image can be of any subject and in any style, provided that it is entirely the work of the photographer.

– This can be anything, provided that it is the work of the photographer with the humour being either present visually, or implied by the addition of a caption. Any image should, of course, not be offensive to race, colour or creed and the like.

Land/Seascape – Must show either land or sea, but may be of a wide view or just a smaller part of the scene.

Macro / Close-Up - Images must have been taken at around the minimum focus distance of the camera or lens so that a small object fills the frame or only a small part of a large object fills the frame.

Motion – Anything where a sense of movement is suggested such as the wake behind a ship or the use of a motion-blur effect or panning technique.

Perspective – The image should demonstrate an effect of depth such as with the use of a vanishing-point or lead-in lines to draw the viewer's eye into the scene.

Portland - This should concern images taken on the island or those which show it. Additionally, images must feature a recognisable scene or subject or show something connected to the island.

Portrait - Images must show the face of a person or animal and may include grouped or single subjects. These may be both formal or informal portraits and can show character.

Red, White & Blue – This should concern images which are entirely or predominantly made up of the 3 colours or where the main subject consists of only these colours.

Reflections - Images should contain a subtle or obvious visible reflection. They may, but do not have to, include the original image of what is being reflected.

Shadows / SilhouettesImages can be of either shadows or silhouettes which do not have to feature solid black.

Sport - This should concern images showing action of anything regarded as a sport and may be of professional or amateur teams or individuals and could also include participants of sporting activities undertaken in a leisure capacity.

Street Scene - Images should either feature the inside of a public building or have been taken outdoors in a public urban area. Shots should reflect society, culture or humanity although people do not have to be present in the shot, but, if they are, they should have been captured candidly rather than posed.

Summer Outings - Images can be of any subject, but must have been taken during one of the organised club events preceding the current club season of September to May. They must also have either been taken at, or show, the location of the event and should have been taken from the official meet-time onwards.

Sunrise/Sunset - Images should have been taken within an hour either side of sunrise or sunset. There must be some evidence of very long shadows or a coloured sky, but the sun does not have to actually appear in the image.

Transport - The image should depict any vehicle or device which is used for people to travel.

Water – This should show water at any scale from drops to oceans or in its other forms as a vapour or solid.

Wildlife – Should be any living wild creatures such as mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects etc in their natural environment and excludes pets, captive or tamed animals. Such images can be processed for sharpening, colour and contrast etc, but no manipulation should add-to or remove anything from the creature itself.

Windows and DoorsImages can show either single or multiple windows or doors or both. These may be the main subject of the image or could be inferred.

X - Something cross-shaped should either feature as the main subject or be used in a subtle way to add to the main subject of the image. The cross can be at any angle and may also be repeated within the image.


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