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Annual Club Awards

Club Person of the Year

Competition Format

This award started during the 2015-16 season and involves the winner being selected by the Committee. It is to choose the person who has, in their view, done the most to support and promote the club in the current season. Only non-committee members are considered for this award.

2016-17 John Kaye.
2015-16 Janet Harris.

Image of the Year

Competition Format

This award also started during the 2015-16 season and involves the winner being selected from member's votes.
Members are asked to vote for their 3 favourite images, in order, which are then given 3,2 or 1 points respectively.
Scores are added for all images and the highest scoring image declared the winner.
In the event of a tie, further voting will take place at the AGM between the tied images.

All placed images from the current season's POTY-qualifying club competitions are considered - usually 40 images (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 2xHC from each of 8 competitions).
Nobody may, of course, vote for their own images.

2016-17 Richard Burns for his image "Shadow Biker" from the "Shadows / Silhouettes 2016" competition.
2015-16 Sean Hepburn for his image "Extrication" from the "Portrait 2016" competition.

Photographer of the Year

Competition Format

This annual competition runs alongside the usual Club Competitions during each September to May Club Season and the first of these was held in the 2012-13 season.
A certificate is awarded to the winner together with a trophy to keep for one year which remains the Club's property.
The winner is the member with the highest points total for the season with the better club attendance record being used in the event of a tie.
To encourage Summer Outing [1] attendance, an extra point is awarded for any such image entered.


Entry is restricted to paid-up members of Portland Camera Club.The usual Club Competition rules will apply.
Points will be scored from all the Club Competitions in the current season which have an independent judge.
If an image is to gain the bonus point, it must be declared as a “Summer Outing” image when submitted.


5 points for a FIRST place;
4 points for a SECOND place;
3 points for a THIRD place;
2 points for each of two HIGHLY-COMMENDED placings;
1 point per image for entering;
1 additional point per image if it is a “Summer Outing” photo.

(Thus the maximum score for any member entering the two images allowed in a single Club Competition would be 5+4+1+1+1+1 = 13 points. If there were 8 qualifying competitions in the current season, there would be a theoretical maximum winning score of 104 points.)

2016-17 Hayley Roberts (35 points)
2015-16 Gerry White (42 points)
2014-15 Richard Burns (43 points)
2013-14 Richard Burns (56 points)
2012-13 Richard Burns (54 points)

[1] A “Summer Outing” photo is one which was taken during one of the organised Club outings in the June to August period preceding the current Club Season. Such images should have been taken on the day of the event, from the meet-time onwards and either show the event location or have been taken in its immediate vicinity. If an outing was officially cancelled, images from anyone who did attend the venue on that day cannot be counted.

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