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Club Competition Rules


Competition Format

Digital and Printed images will be judged together as a single entity.

Marks out of 10 (including half-marks) will be awarded to each image.

Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and two Highly Commended based on marks gained and the judge's preference when marks are tied.

The competition theme will be defined prior to each event.

NOTE: Following the committee meeting of 18th Jan 2017, emailed digital entries will be checked to ensure they meet the defined theme of the competition. Any suspected of not meeting the theme will be emailed anonymously to the other committee members for a decision. Images agreed not sufficiently meeting the defined theme will not be entered, although the entrant will be invited to submit a replacement if time allows.

Each member may enter a maximum of 2 images per competition which may be both digital, both prints or one of each.

All images

- Must be entirely the photography and work of the author.

- Should not contain items of clip-art or similar.

- Cannot be entered more than once unless significantly modified [1].

- Fractals and automatically-generated Collages [2] are not allowed.

- Captions may be added, if required, for a “humour” competition.

Digital images

- Must be submitted as JPEGs using an sRGB colour-space.

- Should be no wider than 1024 pixels and no taller than 768 pixels.

- Are to be named with a 2-digit sequence number, a space, then a title [3].

- Entries to be emailed to the Club Sec by midnight the day before the comp.

Printed Images

- Must be between 6x4 inches and A4 in size.

- May be either lab-produced or home-printed.

- Are to be presented on (ideally black or white) mount-board.

- The author's name and image title should be written on the back.

- Can be brought along on the night or handed-in before if desired.

[1] Significantly-modified images are simply just that – they must differ in an easily-noticeable way. Such examples include colour-mono or mono-colour conversions or heavy cropping.

[2] Automatically-generated Collages are where software is used to assemble many different or repeated pictures into a resulting image. This does not include the manual assembly of different images, triptychs and panoramic-stitching software.

[3] For example: “01 Chesil Beach.jpg” and “02 Portland Bill.jpg”.

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